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April 14 2010

Double Birthday majaa :)

Happy BirthdayInchara Ashwini Kumar Inchara :)

Inchara's Birthday Party

Some pics from the party

Celebrating inchara's 4th Birthday today. Her birthday is actually on 11th April, but for various reasons, we had a party to her friends on 14th. The main reason being that my Mom had to go to her office (yeah!! even on a sunday). This is the eight sunday, she is missing from home. So, before you complain about government employees and their laziness, do remember there are people like my mom.

Anyway, the party was good. The kids enjoyed it. It probably would have been even better if all the children turned out. But the heavy showers in bangalore that day held them back. Lots of return gifts still remaining...unclaimed as yet.

The cake was tasty... got it from sweet chariot (Jayanagar 4th Block) . I had tasted a sample before ordering. Good that I did, 'cause nobody left me a piece to eat from the final delivery. The sweet chariot guys make excellent cake but has a bad, non-working Card Swiper. I had to pay cash when I paid advance, but was assured that the problem was temporary. When I went back to take the delivery.........opps!! its not working again. And outside, its raining very bad....So the lady is good enough to tell me that I can collect the cake and pay later in the next couple of days. (That reminds me... I still need to settle their Bill) So, Guys... It may be old fashioned..but Do keep some cash in your wallet.

Here are some pics from the party

& yeah

Bangalore Royal Challengers won their match on that day and have almost sealed their place in the semi-finals :)



April 13 2010

Happy Birthday San :)

Its April 13th and its Santhosh's......Santhosh Radhakrishnan's Birthday. I know he celebrates his birthday according the Hindu Lunar Calender, But what stops us from wishing him on his official birthday .

Happy BirthdaySanthosh RadhakrishnanSanthosh :)

Its now twenty years since we know each other. (uh! really!!? .... and I can't remember he ever giving us a b'day treat!!!!!!)

We were together in School, College, as Volunteers in Satya Sai Organisation, as members of Multimedia User Group, Bangalore and as collegues as well.

The kind of personality he has, has earned him quite a few nicknames (good to remember at times like these ;))
oDDawoDDi, San, Happiness, Divine and now SRK.

For those who do not know Santhosh, here are some facts about him.

Check out Santhosh Radhakrishnan's Youtube channel here


& yeah

April 13th also happens to be my engagement day . and they say Men can't remember dates.

Happy Engagement day Abhi :)
(that's my wife, you know)


April 12 2010

Remembering Dr. Raj Kumar

Its 4 years now that the icon of our Kannada film industry passed away. The first post on my website is remembering the legendary actor Dr. Raj Kumar.

Dr. Raj Kumar

The Prince is Dead. Long Live the Prince.

More on Dr. Raj Kumar on Wikipedia

Here are some Interesting facts about Dr. Rajkumar

Dr. Rajkumar - The First Actor in the Indian Film Industry to get Doctorate for acting (Mysore University)

Dr. Rajkumar - Only Indian Actor to get "Kentucky Colonel", a prestigious award given by the Kentucky state, USA (previously received by British Prime Minister & Russian Prime Minister)

Dr. Rajkumar - The only Actor to have acted in only One language (Kannada) over a period of 50 years

Dr. Rajkumar - Only Actor in the Indian Film Industry, in whose name the State Government is giving an Award when he was still alive, every year to a person who has given outstanding contribution to the Film Industry

Dr. Rajkumar - Only Actor to have around 5000 fans Association across the world

Dr. Rajkumar - Only Actor to receive National Award for both Singing & Acting

Dr. Rajkumar - First Actor whose first film itself won the National Award for Best Movie

Dr. Rajkumar - First Kannada Actor to win "Dada Saheb Phalke Award", prestigious award given by Indian Govt. for the achievement in the Film Industry

Dr. Rajkumar - Only Actor to have more than 10 Titles given by the Government & other Associations (Karnataka Rathna, Kannada Kanteerava, Kala Kausthuba, Rasikara Raja, Padmabhushana, Nata Sarvabhouma, Kentuky colonel, Annavaru, Gana Gandharva, Nithya Noothana Nata Shreshta, Doctorate, etc...)

Dr. Rajkumar - Only Kannada Actor to receive "Padmabhushan" award for achievement in the Film Industry

Dr. Rajkumar - Only Actor in the Indian Film industry to receive 9 State Awards for acting, 10 Film Fare Awards, 2 State Awards for Singing

Dr. Rajkumar - Only Actor ever to Act in 14 Films in a single year twice, once in 1964 & other in 1968

Dr. Rajkumar - Only Kannada Actor to Act as Hero with both Mother & Daughter in the Kannada Movies

Dr. Rajkumar - Only Kannada Actor to win the "NTR Award" given by Andhra Govt. for the person giving outstanding contribution to the Film Industry

Dr. Rajkumar - He is the Hero of the Longest Running Kannada Movie ever - Bangarada Manushya, which ran for 2 years in four of the theatres in Bangalore & 1 year in 5 centres

Dr. Rajkumar - The Success Rate of his Movies is 95%, highest ever than any other actor in the Indian Film Industry